Our Investment Philosophy & Approach

It starts with integrity and continues with success

As investors who focus exclusively on the storage industry, we lead the way in innovative funding, partnerships, and advisory services to help business reach their full potential.

Our reputation is more valuable than any deal—it’s also what helps us to make the best deals—as we uphold honesty, integrity, and the entrepreneurial spirit that got us all here in the first place.

We Are:


We focus on value creation opportunities in whatever market we can find them.


We encourage measured and calculated risk-taking, we move fast, and we own our decisions.

Data Driven

We have deep industry experience, and our decisions are always backed by market intelligence and cold hard data.


Thanks to our experience and independent nature, we can (and do) adjust on the fly to unexpected circumstances or changes in market conditions.


We look for opportunities, and we make them happen. With in-house expertise, we are able to make swift decisions wherever we see value.